The Fisheries Circle
H. C. Andersens Boulevard 37 1. th.
DK-1504 Copenhagen V
Tel: + 45 70 10 40 40

About the basic training programme

The fisheries’ basic training programme will prepare you for many of the challenges you will meet as a fisherman. This includes practical jobs at sea which the fisherman must be able to deal with quickly on his own as well as business tasks as a responsible part of a team.

The two-year basic training programme consists of a school period and three traineeships on different fishing vessels.

During the traineeships, you will be participating actively in life on board a fishing vessel and trying your hand at various jobs. These include everything from provisioning and cooking to preparing and maintaining the vessel and fishing gear, processing the catch and watch duty.

At the Fisheries Training Centre you will be taught a number of subjects, including:

    • Safety
 • Species of fish, fishing methods, fishing gear, vessels, fish processing and 
 • Medical care
 • Finances and profit sharing
 • Navigation
 • Engines and engine room equipment
 • Repair welding
 • Working in the galley
 • Net mending, ropes, wires and net making techniques
 • Radio
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