The Fisheries Circle
H. C. Andersens Boulevard 37 1. th.
DK-1504 Copenhagen V
Tel: + 45 70 10 40 40

Career opportunities

When you have completed the fisheries’ basic training programme, you will receive The Blue Certificate (Det Blå Bevis), and you can now sign on to work on Danish fishing vessels.

The Blue Certificate allows you to sail as master of a fishing vessel of up to 9 metres in length. If, during the school period, you have obtained a certificate of competency in sailing for fishermen, engine maintenance as well as a radio certificate and medical care certificate, you may sail as master of fishing vessels of up to approx. 15 metres in length.

The Blue Certificate also qualifies you for supplementary training – initially as a skipper (3rd degree) and finally as a skipper (1st degree). In addition, you can also train to become a mate and master in the merchant navy.
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