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Certificate of competency in sailing

You will acquire basic knowledge of navigation, including how to use nautical charts and a magnetic compass when planning sailing routes, calculating the course of sailing while taking into account wind and current conditions, position fixing and navigating according to lighthouse and markings. You will learn how to use and become familiar with international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, including right-of-way rules and the use of lights for collision avoidance. The course also includes such subjects as the use of electronic navigation equipment, responsibility and watch duty, marine environment, safety at sea, stability, fire fighting and engine operation.
Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate of competency in sailing.
Admission requirements: You must be able to document that you have sailed for 12 months on fishing vessels over 9 metres in length and passed the seafarer vision and hearing test.
Duration: 15 days incl. exam
The course can take place in local fishing ports.
The course concludes with a qualifying exam.
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