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Medicine chest C

Basic training
The course will give you knowledge of anatomy and physiology to enable you to provide first aid in the event of an accident. You will be trained to provide step-by-step first aid and carry out an objective examination of the victim at the scene of the accident.
You will learn how to stop bleeding, and treat and dress a wound. Furthermore, you will learn about the organisation of the medicine chest and administration of medicine, including the medication’s effects, side-effects, poisoning and allergic reactions as well as the use of Radio Medical. The course complies with the requirements for basic training of persons acting as medical assistants on board ships required to carry a medicine chest C.
The course can take place in all fishing ports.
Duration: 2 days
The course concludes with a qualifying exam.

The course will give you a theoretical review of the Maritime Health System. You will be able to refresh your first aid skills, which will include new techniques and changes concerning first aid. Refresher course in medical care at sea, including an introduction to the contents of medicine chest C and information about new equipment/medication.
Admission requirements: You must have acquired a medical assistant certificate for minimum medicine chest C within the past 5 years.
Duration: 1 day
The course can take place in local fishing ports.
The course concludes with a qualifying exam.
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